About Us

The Good Space

The Good Space was founded on a want to help people daily. Introducing ergonomic practices to more peoples’ lives is a great way to do exactly that. We want to help educate others on how to make their lives more ergonomically friendly, thus increasing their health. We value our customers, integrity, and health + wellness.

Woman using Adjustable Height Desk

About Me

Owner & Founder

Maya is a do it yourself type of woman. Upon graduating from Michigan Technological University in a Covid-19 world, she had trouble landing a job. Never being the one to take the easier route, she decided to create her own job. She wanted a way to help people in their day to day lives, which is how she found The Good Space.

“I work best when there’s a good atmosphere. If not, I get distracted easily. I procrastinate because I don’t want to be there. I also already have back problems. I do all these stretches to strengthen my back and shoulders, but it’s reversed when I sit for long periods of time. So, I’m excited to share this company with the world and help others who may be in a similar situation or just want a quality looking desk.”