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The Good Space was founded on wanting to help people daily. With many people switching to working from home and the growing list of home-based entrepreneurs, the need for a lasting home office was never more evident. Seeing a lack of height-adjustable desks made using local resources, sustainably sourced materials, and eco-friendly finishes, we created a product that checked all our boxes! V I S I O N is a height-adjustable desk with a work surface made locally from sustainably sourced Michigan hardwood trees, which are then hand-finished by Maya with a locally made eco-friendly clear coat. Our desks are handcrafted and sustainably built to last generations!

Meeting the needs of today while conserving the resources needed for tomorrow. Building up a climate-positive company is important to us. With our wood, sustainability comes first. If not sustainable, our 2nd choice is recycled. Our efforts for sustainability is an ongoing process, and we are continually make efforts to do better for the environment and our customers. We try our best to use local resources and try to minimize our impact on the environment. Our work surfaces are finished with a locally made water-based clear coat. It’s low VOC (volatile organic compounds), which emits less chemicals to the environment than a common finish. Click the button to find out more about our efforts.

Climate Positive Company

Office Ergonomics

Research shows standing more can decrease the risk of life-threatening issues like diabetes and cancer, promote bone health, improve productivity, and more! A height adjustable desk is just the start. The Good Space goes further by providing users correct knowledge on how to interact with their desk Head to our blog for tips on obtaining not just a pain free work day, but also a productive one.

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Maya Hawthorne

Meet The Founder of The Good Space

Upon graduating from Michigan Technological University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology in 2020, Maya had difficulty securing a job in a newly covid-19 world. After nearly 6 months of unemployment, she decided to go the entrepreneur route. With her passion for sustainability, Maya knew she wanted to build a climate-positive company while providing attention to detail and care for the products and serving customers beyond the product itself.