3 Reasons You Need an Adjustable Height Desk Today

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A substantial amount of office workers spend up to 90% of their workday seated. Sitting for long periods of time has negative effects on the body and mind. With growing research, it’s evident there needs to be a change. A desk with sit-to-stand capabilities is the easiest way to make that change. An adjustable height desk promotes movement, which results in improved health, focus, energy, and more!


Improve Mood and Increase Energy

Movement helps release endorphins resulting in bettering your mood. The Take-a-Stand Project found improved mood states in its participants by reducing their sitting time to 66 minutes per day. Movement throughout the day can also increase energy by improving blood circulation, which provides more nutrition and oxygen delivered to the brain. An additional find revealed that 87% of the participants using standing desks reported an increase in energy throughout their day. So, the next time you’re having a case of The Mondays, try some movement for a boost in energy!

“A study conducted found bus drivers had double the risk of death due to heart diseases than the more mobile bus conductor”

Increase Productivity

Staying focused during work hours is sometimes difficult. Luckily, with an adjustable height desk, you can help to increase your productivity. A 6-month study found users of a stand-capable desk were 45% more productive than their seated counterparts. An increase in blood flow from movement results in more oxygen to the brain. This improves critical thinking and focus.


Reduce Risk of Disease and Injury

Staying in one position has negative effects on the body. It can increase the chances of death from heart diseases, cancer, and increase back and shoulder pain. A study conducted found bus drivers had double the risk of death due to heart diseases than the more mobile bus conductor. This is why it’s important to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. Standing places less pressure on your lower back than sitting. However, standing uses more energy. With an adjustable height desk, you can save multiple sit and stand positions to average out the load on your body, resulting in a more comfortable day at work. At The Good Space, we include a 3 memory handset with the purchase of our adjustable height desk.


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Time to Stand Up

What Happens when you sit for too long? Nothing good. Lack of movement for long periods of time can increase cardiovascular diseases, chronic pain, fatigue, and more. That’s why it’s important to get an adjustable height desk (whether you buy ours or not). If you don’t have an adjustable height desk (or you’re still deciding to buy ours) try the following:

  • Walk while talking on the phone
  • Stand during meetings
  • Try to do some stretches throughout the day

All in all, take some micro-breaks to get the blood flowing. A body in motion is a healthy body!

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